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Chrissy Carpenter is not just the World Cussing Champion, but also an American Academy of Dramatic Arts alumna. She’s an actress, writer and creator. In 2020 Chrissy’s indie horror film debut Reaptown, from Director Dutch Marich, premiered streaming on Amazon Prime. Chrissy also enjoys the art of live storytelling, she even performed in LA at the famed NPR storytelling event - The Moth.  During the Covid19 Pandemic Chrissy found it impossible to be idle so she launched a streetwear brand that takes a stand - TrixiSoCal.


Chrissy is proud to call herself an Artivist- continually striving to create art and tell stories that are either grounded in humor, or aid in giving a voice to Women and the LGBTQ+ community. She believes in belly laughs, equality, opportunity and love for all.


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Agent – Apple Talent Group / MZA

4929 Wilshire Blvd. #808

Los Angeles, CA 90010​

Tel: 818-943-1923​

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